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California Notary Exam Study Guide

100% Passing Guarantee, With Purchase Of Our Study Guide

This study guide will help you pass the California Notary State Exam. It is jam-packed with must-know information and sample questions & answers you’re likely to find on the exam.

Our Notary Packages

Take The First Steps To Becoming A California Notary.

Choose the package that best fits your needs, all of our notary classes are held online and are self-paced. Once you complete our class your will be presented with instant proof of completion certificate.

6-Hour Course Plus+ Study Guide

Becoming a California Notary public is a great responsibility. To prepare you for this duty, this package included the California Notary Study Guide that covers everything you need to know to fulfill these duties as a notary and pass your state exam. Our Secretary-of-State approved course satisfies your 6-hour training requirement.

What’s included

  • Money-Back Guarantee To Pass State Exam*
  • California Notary PDF Study Guide
  • Self Paced Course
  • Instant Proof of Completion
  • State Licensed #605172
  • Best For New Notaries

Suggested Package

Become A Notary With Study Guide

Become A Notary

Don’t need the study guide? Get the course alone below.

Basic Course

Our basic 6-hour course covers everything you need to know to become a notary in a 6-hour written course curriculum. This text-based course is licensed by the Secretary of State to meet all California state guidelines.

Start Standard Course
How It Works

Our 100% Passing Guarantee.

We guarantee you will pass the Notary Public State Exam if you purchase our current Notary Public Study Guide. This guide is jam-packed with everything you need to know to pass your state exam.

How It Works

After you have used our study guide to practice for the State Exam and you attempt and fail the State Exam three times, we will refund 100% of the course and study guide purchase price.

What We Expect

All we ask is you make every effort to retake the State Exam in a timely manner if you fail to retake the state exam within 6-months from the time you failed your first attempt and no more than 9-months from the time you purchased our course and study guide to receive a 100% cash refund.

How To Request A Refund

In the unlikely event that you fail the state exam three times, please email [email protected] copies of your failed exam letters along with your Notary Council account user name. We will process your request within 15 busy days. Note: The name on your account and the name on the failed receipts must match. The money-back-guarantee is void after 9 months have passed from the time you purchased the course and study guide.


Please Be Advised: You are responsible for paying for the State Exam and retakes. Your first attempt is $40, and each additional retake is $20.

3rd Party Purchases*

If you purchased the course via a 3rd party system and upgraded to our Money Back Guarantee package, a refund will give in the amount processed via the upgrade total only, excluding any 3rd party payment.

Start the Process of Becoming a Notary Today.

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