3 Easy Steps To Become A Notary

In order to become a notary in the State of California, you must meet certain qualifications and a number of requirements.
You should expect the entire process to take a minimum of two months and will cost between $200-500.
Prior to starting the process please be sure you meeting the following criteria:
  • 18 years of age
  • Legal state resident
  • Must read, write and understand English
  • Cannot have been convicted of felony or crime involving moral turpitude

Steps to Become A Notary

Step 1: Complete Mandatory Education

Your first step in becoming a notary is to complete a mandatory 6-hour training education course, you can sign up for a class here: Sign up for mandatory notary training class. Once you have completed this class you will be provided with a proof of completion certificate, please bring this with you to your state-required exam.

Step 2: Paperwork and Background Check

Now that you have passed your state required 6-hour notary training class you will need to compile the below list of items. These items will all need to be brought with you to your state exam.

  • Complete the Notary Application – Download Notary Application
  • 2″ x 2″ color passport photograph of yourself
  • Life Scan Background Check – Live Scan Locations
  • A check, cashiers check, or money order for $20.00 made payable to the Secretary of State.
Step 3: Take State Exam and File Oath of Office

Now that you have completed your paperwork along with completing your mandatory notary class you are ready to take the California State Exam.  This exam is offered only by CPS Consulting and their scheduled can be found here: view state exam schedule. After you have passed the state exam all you will need to do is file your oath of office and surety bond with the Secretary-of-State and await your approval paperwork that you are a licensed Notary Public.

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