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We’ve made becoming a notary a cinch.  Our dedicated team have put together a step-by-step guide to ensure your success.


It’s easy. Just take our 3-hour online course to renew your Notary Commission in California.

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Extension of Notary Public Commissions

On May 8, 2020, Governor Newsom signed Executive Order N-63-20 (see paragraphs 6 and 7), extending commissions of notaries public for a period of 60 days for any notary public whose commission term has expired since March 1, 2020 or whose commission is set to expire over the next 60 days.

Notary public commission terms that expired anytime between March 1, 2020 and May 7, 2020, have been extended until July 6, 2020.

Notary public commission terms that expired after May 7, 2020 through July 7, 2020, are extended for 60 days on a rolling basis (i.e., someone whose commission expires on May 8, 2020, will have their commission extended until July 7, 2020, and someone whose commission expires on July 6, 2020 will have their commission extended until September 4, 2020).

This extension is valid provided the notary public whose commission term has been extended, maintains a valid surety bond during the extension, and annotates on each notarial act the following statement: “The notary commission extended pursuant to Executive Order N-63-20.”

Acceptance of Expired California Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards

As a result of Executive Order N-63-20, California Drivers Licenses and Identification cards that expired on March 1, 2020 or later, must be accepted for a period of 60 days by California notaries public to establish satisfactory evidence of the individual appearing before them. Our office recommends that notaries public annotate in their journal the expired Driver’s License or Identification Card was accepted due to Executive Order N-63-20.

6-Hour & 3-Hour Notary Training

Maintaining & Becoming A Certified Notary Public Training Is What We Do!

Are you seeking to become a Certified Notary Public in California? Or is your license about to expire and you need to take our 3-hour notary refresher course? We have devoted ourselves to helping individuals, just like you, making this process as streamlined as possible. All notary classes are held online allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your schedule.

Notary Class Student Reviews

Your course was great! It was very easy to navigate and extremely informative. I really appreciated your study guide, it was well worth the upgrade. I passed my state exam the firs time with ease!
Cassy P.
I was really nerves when by boss asked me to get my notary public. But thanks to your course and your step-by-step guide i was able to obtain my notary commission in less then 2 months! Thx for doing what you do, and doing it well.
Melissa T.
I was expecting to have to study for hours and hours to make sure i passed the state exam. But thanks to this course it only took about 90 minutes of study time for me to get a 95% on my state exam. Thanks again 🙂
Alex M.
I've been a notary for over 20 years and thanks to your "self-paced" refresher course I was able to bypass everything I already knew and just study up on the new laws. Lets just say I was able to pass in way under 3-hours. LOL
Monique J.

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Become A Notary – 6 Hour Training Class

This Course Includes All The Training You Need To Become A Notary in California. The entire classes is self-paced and offered 100% online.

California Online Notary Training Classes

Online 6 hour training course required to become a Notary. This is a self-paced 100% online course, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your how schedule, start and stop course at any time.

  • Instant Certificate of Completion
  • Interactive Informative Class
  • Course Approved by the California Secretary of State

Renew As Notary

Refresher course valid for current licensed Notary Publics in California.

3 Hour Renewal Class

Includes our 3 hour self-paced refresher course along with our notary exam study guide.

  • Self Paced Course
  • Instant Certificate of Completion
  • NO Quiz or Test!!!