Renew Notary License Online

Renew Your Notary Public License, California

Notary Council is has streamlined their Notary course to be the easiest way for California Notaries to renew their license every 4 years. Let our system navigate you through the process of renewing your Notary commission.

Renew Notary License – Suggested Course

This class is our BEST option for your notary renewal class, even if your comission expires, this course is still valid.

Suggested Course If Your Commission Is Close To Expiring.

If your commission is getting close to expiring we highly recommend you take our 6-hour refresher course. Should your commission lapse the 3-hour course will not be sufficient to renew your license, but this 6-hour course is.

  • State Licensed and SOS Approved Course
  • Instant Proof of Completion
  • Self Paced Course
  • 100% Passing Rate

$99.95 – Suggested If Within 30-days of expiring


Online Notary Renewal Course

The essentials to renew a notary license in California

3 Hour Renewal Class

Includes our 3-hour self-paced refresher course.

  • Self Paced Course
  • Instant Certificate of Completion


Steps To Renew Your Notary Public Commission in California

1. Take our 3-Hour or 6-Hour Renewal Course?

If you are a renewing notary and your current license is valid your will only need to take our 3-hour notary course. However, if your commission has expired or will expire prior to taking your state exam, you will be required by the state to take our 6-hour renewal course (its the same course as our Become A Notary 6-Hour Course).

2. Purchase Your State-Required Supplies
3. Fulfill Your Notary Application Requirements with the state

At the end of our course you will be provide an easy to follow California Commissioning Checklist for renewing your notary license.

“I was really nervous when by boss asked me to get my notary public, but thanks to your course and your step-by-step guide I was able to obtain my notary commission fast! Thx for doing what you do, and doing it well. “

Melissa T.

Cassie P.

“Your course was great! It was very easy to navigate and extremely informative. I really appreciated your study guide, it was well worth the upgrade. I passed my state exam the first time with ease!”

Cassie P.

“I was expecting to have to study for hours and hours to make sure i passed the state exam. But thanks to this course it only took about 90 minutes of study time for me to get a 95% on my state exam. Thanks again!”

Alex M.